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Agreements and assignments or [langa_mod.12]

Administration Department

The Administration Department plays a crucial role in managing and organizing company resources:

Responsibilities Key Activities Management and Control Objectives
  • Management of environmental practices
  • Adoption of sustainable practices
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Evaluation of environmental impact
  • Continuous monitoring of environmental activities
  • Reducing ecological footprint
  • Continuous compliance with environmental regulations
Environment Safety
  • Implementation of safety policies
  • Continuous staff training
  • Regular monitoring of safety conditions
  • Emergency management
  • Safe working environment
  • Zero workplace incidents
Customer Legal Data Management
  • Protection and management of customer legal data
  • Implementation of advanced security systems
  • Control of privacy-related activities
  • Compliance with current laws
  • Total protection of customer data
  • Continuous compliance with privacy regulations
Human Resources Management
  • Staff selection and training
  • Skills development
  • Performance management
  • Ensuring a positive work environment
  • Highly skilled team
  • High employee satisfaction

Sales Department

The Sales Department is the engine that drives company development through commercial strategies and customer relations:

Responsibilities Key Activities Management and Control Objectives
Internal Project Development
  • Ideation and implementation of internal projects
  • Improvement of company processes
  • Monitoring progress of projects
  • Resource management and meeting deadlines
  • Successful implementation of innovative projects
  • Continuous improvement of company processes

Technical Department

The Technical Department focuses on implementing advanced technical projects and continuous innovation in the R&D department:

Responsibilities Key Activities Management and Control Objectives
Client Project Management
  • Coordination and careful management of technical projects assigned by clients
  • In-depth analysis of client requirements
  • Control of budget, resources, and adherence to client specifications
  • Monitoring project development phases
  • Satisfied clients with high-quality technical solutions
  • Completion of projects within expected timelines

The company promotes a collaborative conceptual development, allowing collaborators to express their skills to the fullest on assigned projects. No rules are imposed on the type of production, ensuring maximum flexibility and creativity.

Last update November 19, 2023