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Brands, copyright and intellectual property or [langa_mod.10]

LANGA’s intellectual property encompasses patents, licenses, and brands, safeguarding its media materials to communicate and assert its distinctiveness. For comprehensive information on our intellectual properties, please click on the provided links or conduct further research.

Guidelines on the Use of LANGA Protected Material

To access detailed information on the supply and usage modalities of protected materials, kindly refer to our online guidelines.

Rights and Authorization for Use

If you require information regarding LANGA’s registered brands or intend to use materials from the Press Area in a manner different from the existing execution, we kindly request you to complete the following request form. Additionally, please provide us with some documentary information to facilitate recognition and archiving:

  1. Screenshots of the content of the media material in the request.
  2. URL of the position of the photos, images, logos, or elements of interest.
  3. Request for editorial elaboration clarifying the intended purpose of the mentioned object, on your official letterhead.
  4. Any other relevant attributable data.

Reporting an Abuse

We appreciate individuals who assist us in minimizing copyright infringements and software piracy, as well as violations related to counterfeit product production. If you have evidence of a violation on LANGA, report it, and we will reward you for your assistance.

We Do Not Accept Unauthorized Ideas

To uphold ethical business principles regarding the exploitation of others’ ideas, we kindly request that you refrain from sending us presentations, in any form or modality, to LANGA workers or collaborators.

Licenses and Brands

The LANGA logo is safeguarded by international registration labeling. Both the text and the pictogram are registered with intellectual property offices, serving as a reference for our legal consultants to ensure effective control over counterfeits, whether in the web domain or the reproduction of objects, and for the protection of our clients.

To use the LANGA logo, please review our basic rules or submit an official request for the use of the registered brand. By downloading the LANGA logo, you acknowledge and agree to use the brand in accordance with the rules outlined in the Press area by our developers and designers.

Last update Novembre 19, 2023