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Information on behavioral rules or [langa_mod.11]

The LANGA ethics is represented by solid regulatory bases that regulate the methodology of relations with all types of entities with which the company has relationships. Company policy represents the foundation of the quality of work resulting from the administrative, commercial and technical parts.

Some of these notions are collected in the accreditation conditions, in the rules and in our suggestions on the rules of conduct, we list some of them:



This code of ethics contains the guiding principles of the behavior of the subjects who work at LANGA and associated with the aim of protecting personal data and specifies the relationships/duties of loyalty, impartiality, diligence and industriousness of all the figures. The activity of these subjects must comply with the position of independence recognized in LANGA, with the warranty tasks entrusted to it, with the impartiality and transparency of the administrative activity as well as with respect for confidentiality obligations. The code applies to all figures operating from and to LANGA.


The provider person avoids any act or behavior that violates or could lead to the violation of the provisions of the law, regulation or contained in the code. The relationships between the Office and the providing figures are based on trust and collaboration. It works to ensure that relationships with colleagues are inspired by harmony and avoids acts or behavior characterized by animosity or conflict. The provider figure conforms its business and the use of the Office’s assets to the criteria of correctness, cheapness, efficiency and effectiveness. The provider dedicates the right amount of time and effort to office work, avoiding absences or undue departure. In relations with the outside, it behaves in such a way as to determine trust and collaboration on the part of those who come into contact with the Office; shows courtesy and availability in communicating with the public and takes care of the handling of issues efficiently and promptly.


Outside the ordinary procedure for assigning files, the provider figure does not solicit or receive communications intended for him, nor does he send unauthorized missives. The provider figure refrains from participating in the future, therefore at the end of the work performance, in activities that compete with the company. The provider refrains, always, from participating for a period of at least two years from the end of the working relationship with LANGA (to always be signed by email pec at, in the discussion of the matters pertaining to the Company that may involve interests of its previous or future business partners or, except in cases where it is authorized, of previous or future employers.


The provider respects professional secrecy and keeps confidential the news and information learned in the exercise of its functions and which are not subject to transparency in accordance with the law and regulations. Observe the duty of confidentiality even after leaving the service.


We accept and refer to [langa_mod.1]. We also recommend viewing the full text of art. 13-14 of the EU Reg. 2016/679 relating to the rights of the interested party, which is available on the Guarantor’s website. The Court of Turin will be exclusively responsible for deciding on any dispute arising from the execution and / or interpretation of this form.


Without prejudice to the provisions mentioned above and in compliance with the instructions given by LANGA, the provider must prevent the dispersion of sensitive data by observing the security measures imparted, keeping the documents entrusted with order and care and avoiding making unnecessary copies. The articles refer to the code of ethics for the processing of personal data.


In our Netiquette we talk about good education, we talk about behavioral suggestions to be respected on our web platform. We believe that knowing how we behave in our virtual environments is fundamental to respecting them, always honoring the people who frequent them. These spaces can give us a lot and it would be more constructive if we all tried to make them unique in a highly responsible way.

Last update May 25, 2021