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General terms and conditions or [langa_mod.7]

These general terms and conditions represent how the LANGA activities works, the rules that apply through our company and what we believe in. Consequently, these terms and conditions help to define the relationship between LANGA and the user regarding the latter’s interaction with our main service.

We wrote them as it is important to understand the same terms in order to register a LANGA Account and/or use the related services; therefore it is necessary to accept them.

In addition to these general terms, we have also published a Privacy Policy. Although they are not part of the general terms, we encourage you to read them to better understand how you can update, manage, export and delete information.


LANGA Corporation Srl or simply LANGA

established and operating under Italian law (Registration number REA: CN – 317583) 4 Piazza IV Novembre, 20124 Milano MI ITALY – VAT ID IT10637600965


If you don’t match the minimum age requirements in your country to manage your LANGA Account, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to use our Account. In this case, we encourage you to read these terms with a parent or legal guardian. If a parent or legal guardian allows the child to use our services, these terms apply to the parent or guardian, who is also responsible for the child’s activity on the services. Some services have additional age requirements, as described in the specific terms of use of the same services.


These terms allow us to define the relationship between you and LANGA. We generally authorize you to use our services if you agree to abide by these terms, which reflect how our business works. When we talk about “LANGA”, “we”, “us” and “our” we refer to LANGA Corporation Srl and its associated companies.


Provision of a wide range of useful services. We provide a wide range of services subject to these terms, including:

Applications and sites for the sale of services;
Applications and sites for the sale of physical devices;
Services for the provision of consultancy;
Integrated services.

Our services have been designed in order to allow the user to move more easily from one activity to another, from one site to another.


We are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve our services. As part of this continuous improvement, we sometimes add or remove features and functionality, increase or decrease the limits of our services, start offering new services or withdraw old ones. We follow a rigorous program of research on the product, therefore before modifying or discontinuing the offer of a service, we take into account the interests of the user, his expectations, the potential impact on the user and on others;

We modify our services or interrupt their offer only and exclusively for valid reasons, for example to improve their performance or security, to comply with the law in order to prevent illegal activities or illegal behavior, to reflect technical developments or because a functionality or an entire service are no longer quite used or affordable. If we make material changes that adversely affect your use of our services or if we stop offering a service, we will give you reasonable notice and the ability to export your content from your Account, except in urgent situations to prevent wrongdoing, meet legal requirements or solve safety and operational problems.


Follow these terms and any specific terms of use for each service you use.

The authorization we give to the user to use our services remains valid provided that the user assumes his / her responsibilities regarding:

General terms and conditions;
The specific terms of use of each service.

We also provide the user with a help application from which to search for answers related to their needs.


Some of our services allow the user to interact with other users. We want to maintain a respectful environment for everyone, which means that the user is required to follow these basic rules of conduct:

Act in accordance with applicable laws, including those relating to export controls, sanctions and human trafficking;
Respect others’ rights, including those relating to privacy and intellectual property;
Do not behave in an unlawful manner or harm others or yourself (or threaten or encourage such unlawful behavior or harm), for example by misleading, defaming, bullying, harassing or stalking other users;
Do not behave in an illegal manner, nor damage, interfere or obstruct the services.

Our policies and our additional service-specific terms provide further details regarding the appropriate conduct that all users of our services are required to follow. If you discover that other users do not comply with these rules, many of our services allow you to report wrongdoing. If we take action on a report of wrongdoing, we also provide a fair process. We reserve the right to suspend or eliminate utilities that do not comply with the basic rules of conduct.


Some of our services are designed to allow you to upload, send, store, forward, receive or share your content. You are not obligated to provide any content on our services and are free to choose which content to provide. If the user decides to upload or share content, he must ensure that he has the necessary rights to perform this action and that such content is legitimate;

The user’s content remains his property, meaning that the user retains all the intellectual property rights he holds with respect to his contents. The user owns the intellectual property rights on the creative content he creates, such as the reviews he writes. You may also have the right to share other people’s creative content if they have authorized you to do so.


Global, e.g. valid everywhere in the world;
Non-exclusive, meaning that you can license your content to others;
Royalty-free, meaning there is no license fee.


This license allows us to:

Host, reproduce, distribute, communicate and use user content, such as to save it on our systems and make it accessible wherever the user goes;
Publish, perform in public or publicly display your content, if the latter has made it visible to others;
Change user content, for example by reformatting or translating.

License these rights a:

Other users to enable the services to function as intended, for example by allowing you to share photos with people of your choice;
Third party service providers who have signed contracts with us, who meet these terms, only limited to the purposes described in the purpose section below.


This license is for the sole purpose of managing and improving the services, i.e. enabling the services to function as intended and creating new features and functionality. This includes the use of automated algorithms and systems to analyze user content:

In order to detect spam, malware and illegal content;
In order to recognize patterns in the data;
In order to personalize our services for the user;
When the contents are transmitted, received and stored;
Use the content shared publicly by the user to promote the services;
Develop new technologies and services in accordance with these terms.


This license will last as long as your content is protected by intellectual property rights.

If you remove any content covered by this license from our services, our systems will only stop making that content publicly available from the date of the removal request onwards.


User account, namely LANGA Account

If the user meets these necessary requirements, he can freely create an Account without any registration fee. For the operation of the LANGA Account and some related services it is necessary to register with it. The user’s choice is the subscription to upgrade plans or the purchase of services/products for their provision. For example, it is necessary to have a LANGA Account in order to purchase a digital art delivery service on the Studios application. You are responsible for any actions you take with your Account, including taking reasonable steps to protect your account, such as periodic password changes.


Organizations of different nature, such as companies, non-profit organizations and schools, use our services. In order to use our services on behalf of an organization it is necessary that:

an authorized contact person from that organization accepts these terms.


To offer our services, we sometimes send you messages, e-mails, service announcements and/or other communication information. Each application could intervene directly for specific communications regarding the same. If you decide to send us a feedback, for example suggestions to improve our services, we may intervene based on it without any obligation towards you.


User contents

Some of our services give you the opportunity to make your content publicly available. If you believe someone is infringing your intellectual property rights, you can notify us of the infringement and we will take appropriate action. For example, we suspend or close the Accounts that repeatedly violated our rules of conduct or copyright. Users grant the right to use their contents, even after the interruption of one or more services, for surveys and/or advertising or for anything that is deemed important by LANGA.

Our contents

Some of our services include content that belongs to LANGA, for example many of the visual illustrations found in the applications. The user can use LANGA contents in the manner provided by these terms and by the specific terms of use of each service, but LANGA always maintains all the intellectual property rights it holds regarding its own contents. The user cannot remove, obscure or alter branding, logos or legal notes. To use branding or logos, please read the relevant Press page.

Other contents

Finally, some of our services grant you access to content that belongs to other people or organizations. You may not use content of this type without the permission of the person or organization concerned, unless the law allows otherwise. What is expressed in the content of other people or organizations does not necessarily reflect the modus operandi and/or ethics of LANGA.


We grant you permission to use our software as part of the services.

The license we give you is:

global, meaning valid everywhere in the world;
non-exclusive, meaning we may license our software to others;
royalty-free, i.e. there is no cost for the personal license, i.e. it is not valid for anyone else;
non-assignable, meaning that the user cannot assign the license to others.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent any part of our services or software. Also, you may not reverse engineer or attempt to extract our source code unless you have written permission or applicable laws allow.


By law, the user has the right to a certain quality of service and ways to solve any problems. These terms do not limit or deprive you of such rights.


We deliver our services with reasonable attention to detail and technical expertise. If we do not comply with the quality level described in this guarantee, the user has the possibility to communicate his problem to us.


The only commitments we make regarding our services are indicated on the page dedicated to the Guarantee, indicated in the terms of use specific to a service or provided for by the laws in force. We make no other commitments regarding our services.


These terms limit our liabilities to the extent permitted by applicable law only. In addition to the rights and responsibilities described in this section, LANGA will not be liable for any loss, unless the loss was caused by a breach of these terms and/or the specific terms of the related services.

LANGA will never have the following responsibilities for:

Loss of profits, revenue, business opportunity, reputation, or anticipated savings;
Indirect or consequential loss;
Heavy damages.


Before taking action as explained below, we give you notice, when reasonably possible, to explain the reason for our action and give you the opportunity to resolve the problem, unless we have reasonable grounds to believe that such action:

would result in damage or liability for a user, a third party or for LANGA;
would violate the law or a law enforcement order;
would compromise an investigation;
would compromise the operation, integrity or security of our services.


If we reasonably believe that your content violates these terms, service-specific additional terms or rules, violates applicable law or may harm our users, third parties involved or ourselves, we reserve the right to the right to remove such content, in part or totally, in accordance with the law in force.


We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the services or to delete your Account if any of the following occurs:

The user substantially or repeatedly violates these terms, the specific terms of one or more services or the rules;
We are required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or court order.

We reasonably believe that your conduct involves damage or liability to another user, a third party or to LANGA itself, for example due to hacking or phishing activities, harassing behavior, inclusion of spam, attitudes misleading or stealing content from other sites that do not belong to the user;

If you believe that your Account has been suspended or closed by mistake, you can always appeal. Obviously, the user can stop using his LANGA Account or related services at any time. If you stop using a service, we would like to know why, so that we can continue to improve our offer.


By law, you have certain rights that cannot be limited by a contract such as these terms of service. These terms are in no way intended to limit those rights. These terms describe the relationship between you and us and do not give rise to any rights of any other person or organization, even if others benefit from that relationship under these general terms. We apologize if we have used some specific examples, knowing that not all the services mentioned may be available in the user’s country. If a specific provision is found to be invalid or unenforceable, this inapplicability will not extend to the other provisions. If the user does not comply with these terms or the specific additional terms of the services, the failure to promptly take measures on our part cannot be understood as a waiver of our possible rights..

We inform you that we may update these general terms and service specific terms to reflect changes to our services or the way we operate. For example, if we add new services, features, technologies, prices or benefits, for legal, regulatory or security reasons, or to prevent illegal behavior or damage. Should we substantially change these terms or the specific terms of the related services, we will notify the user well in advance, offering them the opportunity to review the changes, except in the case of the launch of new features, or in urgent situations such as avoiding the continuation of an offense or meet legal requirements. If the user does not accept the changes made to the Terms, he is obliged to remove its contents. You can decide to terminate your relationship with us at any time by closing your Account from your user area.

We remind you that the LANGA Account on represents a mandatory registration for every customer who decides to activate one or more LANGA services in order to stay informed and manage them. Inside your account you will be able to find exclusive news, VIP projects, service delivery methods, service management information, legal and/or administrative regulatory information, updates on the GDPR and similar. We remind you that if you are already a customer of one or more services offered by LANGA, as we are responsible for data processing, we will communicate these types of contents with you solely and directly in the Press and official releases section of your LANGA Account, constantly advising you to read it through our periodic newsletters. For each service, the General terms and conditions of LANGA and the conditions of use presented on the service site are accepted.

Last update Sept 25, 2023