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Hey B2B Program

Join our program

Unlock the potential of digital services with Hey B2B Program, forging a network of individuals passionate about representing cutting-edge solutions for businesses worldwide.

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LANGA's Opportunities

Discover exciting opportunities to join our dynamic teams. Evaluate available positions thoroughly, and make an informed decision on whether to apply or submit your CV for consideration in upcoming roles.

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easy LANGA

Security and reliability

Experience our app’s advanced features tailored for robust cybersecurity and digital vigilance. With real-time threat detection and expert insights, stay informed and protected in the digital realm. Safeguard your online presence with confidence and peace of mind.

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Share your column

Step into the world of blogging with our innovative marketplace tailored for bloggers passionate about current affairs, sports, travel, and cuisine! Our platform offers a wide range of opportunities for you to express your creativity and share your interests with the world.

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Time’s Bank

Exchange services

Explore our skill exchange app, where you can trade your time for another person’s skills that interest you. Connect with individuals eager to exchange expertise, fostering a community built on mutual learning and growth.

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Buy relax packages

Discover our app offering tailored relaxation packages for couples. With a variety of options, couples can indulge in rejuvenating experiences, ensuring unforgettable moments of tranquility and connection.

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Learn skills

Explore our marketplace platform, enabling users to buy and/or sell training courses. With a user-friendly interface, individuals can seamlessly navigate between purchasing or listing courses, fostering a dynamic learning community.

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Tool for eCommerce

Discover our platform for browsing modular ecommerce packages, providing robust and adaptable carts tailored for online sales. Select from a range of options to ensure a seamless shopping journey for your customers, empowering your online business growth.

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Listen the professionists

Explore our platform, tailored for business entities seeking industrial and commercial architectural projects. Find comprehensive solutions designed to meet your needs and elevate your ventures. Discover excellence in architectural innovation and functionality for your next project.

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Buy food

Explore our platform for convenient online food shopping and for vendors aiming to expand their digital presence. Active but updating, it caters to both consumers and vendors, offering seamless experiences and enhanced market reach.

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Drive In

Buy your marketing

Welcome to our ecommerce platform, catering to companies in search of highly analytical digital services or entities seeking collaboration opportunities. Explore our diverse range of digital tools tailored to elevate your business’s performance and drive growth.

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Get your prestige

Digital artists or companies with completed projects seeking international recognition can rely on our agency’s tailored services. We specialize in maximizing your chances of winning prestigious awards, showcasing your creations to global audiences.

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LANGA Studios

ADV Agency

Businesses in search of an agency to cultivate conscious marketing growth through digital tools and strategies find their ideal partner in us. We specialize in crafting tailored solutions that align with ethical business practices, driving sustainable success.

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Educate Teach

Teach your skills

Teach by Educate is a cutting-edge module designed for individuals and businesses to craft and oversee their teaching courses seamlessly. Educators can effortlessly interact with students, monitor their progress, and elevate learning outcomes, fostering engaging and effective teaching experiences.

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RelaXYou Owner

Manage your packages

RelaxYou provides an intuitive and comprehensive module for managing relaxation packages on the booking platform. It optimizes the experience for hotel managers and restaurateurs, enabling efficient and personalized management of wellness services.

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eFruit Vendor

Get vendor tool

Enter the eFruit platform, the ultimate hub for food vendors. Expand your digital presence, reach new customers, and manage your inventory efficiently and conveniently. With eFruit Vendor, transform your business into a powerful force in the world of online food commerce.