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Assistance for purchases

Pre-sale guidelines

Explore this section for valuable insights on inquiries regarding the procurement of LANGA services. Empower yourself by managing your personal information seamlessly within your LANGA account’s personalized space. Our team stands ready to guide you through your digital service needs, irrespective of the industry or nature of the request.

LANGA account

What is it?

A LANGA account is a profile address referring to an individual, allowing you to log in and access all LANGA services requiring authorization. The LANGA account enables you to access different LANGA systems, apps, and forms.

Great advantages

With the LANGA account, you have various management support systems at your fingertips. By logging in, you can access:

  • Control panel of the Account
  • Service’s cards
  • Multiservices
  • Security and contacts
  • Preferences, settings and other
How do I create LANGA account?

Create your LANGA account by clicking here. Fill in your email address (your future username), phone number, and any required information.

Purchases without LANGA account

The LANGA account is not mandatory for purchases, but utilizing it helps streamline our responsibilities. Therefore, we encourage all users of our services to create one.

Changing information in the Account

Change your username, password, and tax information in your dashboard on Click on the account button at the top to be redirected to your personal profile page where you can update your information.

May I have more than one Account?

Yes, you can create as many accounts as you want to separate the purchases of your digital services. Each account can manage its legal and shipping information separately.

I’ve a problem on my account, how do I do?

For any problem related to your LANGA account, we can support you in our Help platform, where you’ll find all the answers you need. If you don’t find the right answer to your doubts, you can write directly to

Digital services

Where may I buy LANGA services?

You can buy directly in a digital LANGA Store, at one of our Hey network points, or remotely through one of our digital consultants.

Other activation info

After the activation of the service, you may have to wait from 7 to 30 working days based on the type of service for your technical work to be taken in charge. You can verify your activation process directly with the account manager designated for you. For any issues not related to the service, you may contact us or visit our Help platform.

Payments and taxes


Many payment methods are available for LANGA services. You may buy our services via online method (if the platform grants it) or via bank transfer after the confirmation email from our digital consultant. All invoices are automatically created after we have confirmation the transfer has taken place and sent to your legal exchange system you’ll give us.

New service buying

Bill to: LANGA Corp. Srl (Italia)
Bank: Unicredit Bank SpA
Offices: Piazza Cristo Re, Alba (CN)
ABI 02008 CAB 22502 BANK ACCOUNT 000103796280
IBAN IT18M 02008 22502 000105531088

Renewal service

Bill to: LANGA Group sas
Bank: Unicredit Bank SpA or Intesa Bank SpA

* it depends by renewal service, please ask directly to your responsable.

Other our details

LEGAL HEAD OFFICES: Piazza IV Novembre, 4 Milano (MI) 20124
OPERATING CENTER: 37, Bra, Alba (CN) 12051


You may ask for invoices by filling in the information of your company on the control panel in your LANGA. The tax application depends on the company that requests the service and/or our company that creates the legal invoice.

Order processing

How do I check my order?

If it’s a service, you’ll receive frequent reports about the erogation and/or development. Furthermore, you can contact directly your digital consultant for information on it. If it’s a product, when items leave our storage center, we will send you an email with the details of the courier, the expected delivery date, and the tracking number (when available).

Changing of an order

You can change an order until it’s not processed, but not after 5 days. You can also change your shipping address and cancel your order with no arrears or penalties until the Processing status starts.

Returns and refunds

How to return your services

You have the right to return a service or a product to the LANGA head office within 14 working days, starting from the date of your order. Every service could have different rules about returns and refunds; please visit the dedicated website to delve deeper into this topic. If not present in the terms of the website service, to return any product, you shall send the request with a certified e-mail to both addresses and LANGA reserves itself the right to ascribe eventual costs related to the refund at the expense of who ordered our service.