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We improve your job

For companies

Our products are very usable by all kinds of companies. Over time, we gained new experience and now we are able to offer services that easily and efficiently integrate new techniques in the pre-existing work. We develop digital arts that can improve or reinvent your business.

Comprehensive consultation, development, and assistance services for companies, from A to Z.

We take everything into account. LANGA services are designed for workers and they fit for every possible and personal way of working. Our experts develop digital technologies that are unique and suitable for each planning process. LANGA products stand for safety, efficiency and commitment. We help your workers show their talents in the most appropriate way.

From little professional websites to big computer systems for managing media and published contents, from simple graphic/photographic services to the analisis about product exposition in exhibitions and on virtual platforms, from shootings to films. We show you how to get a more outstanding presence on the market so that the professional image you want for yourself come true.

Tailor-made services

We work for you and your company

We make our digital works so that they are usable by anyone, anytime. We want your ideas to draw the attention of people who do not know you yet but need your service. We want you to have accurate strategies for 360° marketing interventions. Our team of experts is ready to work with you.

We care about you

Any service with us activates specific teams, and we want them to be always ready to help our Clients, even when our project comes to end, and to work with you. And that happens for every service, from the basic to complex ones.

We value your perspective

Our Firm is able to meet each Client’s needs and it fits for all product markets because you can always use our services no matter who you are. We launched economical, social and business programs to get all kinds of company involved in LANGA as long as they are willing to share our values.

Our focus isn’t solely on money

Our projects embrace all kinds of companies and activities, we tailored our services by creating new services suitable for everyone, ready to embrace your ideas about quality and efficiency. If you choose LANGA you care about high quality and clear values.

We solve business


We help companies find solutions in aesthetical and functional exposition thanks to our technical divisions and their ideas. We shape our services to make your business stronger or more all-round, always proceeding step by step. By melding your experience and our technical team we manage to create what you want in a unique way.

I have finally managed to show who I am and what I do in a simple but innovative way.

كريم احمدي نجادCFO Arab Emár