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Courses in Digital Mastery for Cultivating Cultural Impact

We actively promote excellence in education and teaching practices.

LANGA offers a wide range of courses related to technological training, thanks to its hardware and software equipment. We address to children, adolescents, teachers, people over 70 y/o or, simply, people who do not have technological skills at all. Everyone will be able to take a step forward in the world of technology.

Experts and beginners

This is a teaching project that offers advanced digital arts courses. With our teaching team you will be able to approach the web, graphics and video worlds to learn important and professional techniques. During each course every aspect of the topic will be examined, so that the student can be fully trained according to the level he has chosen.

Pre Program

We arranged tours for schools in our Studios, in order to interact with students and teachers.

During the tours we explain to kids what are the main elements in digital arts and we create a connection with teachers as well.

We promote also more specific programs, targeting all teachers who want to improve their skills in computer/communication domain or just to be up to date.

From 5 to 11 years old

For teenagers

We have developed free Pre-Courses, suitable to be part of school programs and to allow dynamic and qualified minds to blossom. Our greatest goal is to be able to communicate our experience to the people of tomorrow. With our great knowledge of the digital arts we hope to help young people to be more and more creative.

From 12 to 17 years old

Also for

Old and unskilled people

We created special Courses to help people over the age of 70 and also people who are not up to date with technology. We will deal with contact filing techniques, use of technology or use of hardware equipment. Visit our platform Studios to learn more about our Dummies.