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Winners selection

Apply for a voluntary your role.

Meet us immediately.

Here at LANGA, we prioritize your strong determination over academic qualifications. Take a moment to set aside your past and focus on your eagerness for the opportunity.

Follow these steps to submit your documents: compile them thoroughly and send everything to Await your interview date or, if you prefer, visit to archive your CV only.

The open contest, follow these steps to get your direct interview:

  1. Firstly, there is a written test where you are required to describe yourself within the confines of a single A4 page (handwritten only).
  2. Following that, a practical written test involves sending your life project in a .zip file. Additionally, describe the project within one page, formatted according to UNI EN ISO A4 standards (to be done on a computer).
  3. Lastly, an oral test awaits you, consisting of a job interview with a member of the LANGA team.

After that send all documents to If you are worthy, the date of the interview will be propose to you within 8 work days after your sending. We hope to work with you, for now we wish you a good luck.

    Workplace COLWE0B
    • Expert use of WP CMS and Magento
    • Capability of programming CSS and Js
    • Raster and vector graphic skills
    • Analytics, Fb Pixel and Goolge Tag manager using
    • Other technical skills are welcome

    Alba headquarter (CN) Italy

    Workplace COLBR4A
    • Showroom management
    • Quote control with backoffice
    • Meeting assistant with technician team
    • Increasing commercial volume into the assigned area
    • Other commercial skills are welcome

    Novara zone (NO) Italy

    Workplace COLCOAG1
    • Quote work
    • Meeting sub assistant with technician team
    • Increasing commercial volume into the assigned area
    • Possibility to became a store brand manager in 2 years
    • Other commercial skills are welcome

    Brescia headquarter (BS) Italy

    Workplace COLADS3F
    • Design and implement the digital marketing strategy by organizing platforms and interactive content to achieve corporate omnichannel objectives
    • Measure and monitor the performance of all digital campaigns (ROI and KPI), creating reports and analysis of projects and campaigns.
    • Propose A/B testing to continuously improve the key metrics (opens, clicks, leads, conversions, etc.) of the campaigns.
    • Other technical skills are welcome

    Alba office (CN) Italy

    Workplace COLTEEJS1
    • General front-end development experience (HTML/Twig/liquid
    • JavaScript/TypeScript, SCSS/CSS)
    • Experience with animations (Canvas, Three.JS, GSAP)
    • Knowledge of SPA frameworks (React, Vue)
    • Other technical skills are welcome

    Alba headquarter (CN) Italy

    Workplace COLVID13
    • Degree in Communication Sciences, Cinema and Audiovisual or equivalent
    • At least 5/7 years experience in video production
    • Content production experience in the mobility/automotive field
    • Budget breakdown and scheduling
    • Other technical skills are welcome

    Milan zone (MI) Italy

    This could be your place

    Here some of our work postions.

    Working or collaborating with us is your choice only. Below we listed some sectors in which we operate, in order to introduce you to some possible departments in which you could be located or that you could support with your work.