We are the agency

Communication is our work.

In LANGA Studios you will not simply activate a service, you will activate a dedicated team that will be in charge of the project. Whether it is web, graphics, video, social media, seo or anything digital, we’ll have our teams ready for you.

Our macro areas

Development & creation

Web, graphics, videos. Anything you want to create is possible, with the right tools and the right team.

We will put together the squad that best suits your needs, to create something unique. Are you ready?

Promotion & distribution

We have some key figures in the field of social media, SEO and web sponsoring.

We will suggest you the best tactic you can adopt in order to promote your content in the right way, and we’ll give you the right people to do so in style.

Optimization & security

We are ready to meet all your needs in terms of optimization.

We’ll speed up your website and we’ll put all our knowledge in the field of web security in order to make your online presence powerful and performing.


Learn with us with our digital courses.

By means of multiple training courses you will be able to learn or improve your level in the various digital disciplines.

Success cases

If you already think you know what you need, buy it directly!

Maybe LANGA Studios is a little too much. Choose our Studios The Market application to view digital products online. Decide to save time and money by approaching us indirectly.