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We are ready to help quickly in uncomfortable situations. The speed of our response depends on the severity of the situation, and additional charges may apply.

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You cannot log in?

If you can’t remember your login info for your LANGA Account or you need technical assistance to log in others accounts, you can rely on us. LANGA helps its Clients log in their services safely. If you have any doubts or problems about software login, go to Tech help page and provide us your Customer code.

We got your back, whether you’re a customer or not yet.

We’ve always prioritized safety in digital processes. That’s why we’ve chosen to extend our assistance to all entities, whether they are existing clients or not. Our technicians engage in a thorough problem analysis process, ensuring they are well-informed about the details related to your request.

Office assistance is here to help everyone. By means of a specialized team, we are able to understand and solve your problems,  for multiple causes.

We are constantly looking for ethical hacking experienced programmers. Come on, apply now to join the LANGA security team.